Intrauterine Device(IUD)

Intrauterine Device   IUD

How it Works

The IUD is a T shaped plastic frame surrounded with copper. A string is attached to the bottom which hangs through the cervix and can be checked to make sure it is in place. It can be placed in the uterus for up to 5 years. The IUD can prevent an egg from becoming fertilized and can interfere with the movement of sperm. Due to the possible increased risk of STI’s, the IUD is best for people who are in a steady, long-term relationship where both partners are faithful. The effectiveness is increased if it is checked regularly by a physician. Increase STI’s protection by using a condom and spermicide.


-effective immediately


-long term contraceptive

-good for family spacing


-No protection against STI’s

-There may be discomfort during insertion

-You may experience heavier cramps and menstrual bleeding for the first few months after insertion

-The presence of STI’s with an IUD dramatically increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and thus the risk of infertility.