Between Hana and Mana, our income has gone

By. Dr. Jassam

It is the time of the year where we start pulling money out of our bank accounts if anything left to pay the tax and to see all outputs

We think we made good money which we did but that was prior to February then we open our eyes widely to discover what we have made has significantly evaporated especially with the high market inflation rate.

My wife does all book keeping and tax filing preparation and before she finalizes everything, we sit together to go over numbers, overheads, clinic expenses, rent, multiple memberships fee, staff salaries beside our personal expenses etc

We usually start with a  big smile, dreams and pride ending with a huge shock and disappointment due to the unexpected balance that left.

This year the output was higher than any other year, and what left was less than any other year

I laughed and said to my wife “between Hana and Mana I lost my beard”.

She looked at me and asked , what was that ?

It seems you didn’t hear this proverb in the past? I asked

Not really, she replied

So I told her the story of Hana and Mana

There was a man with two partners: Hana, the eldest, and Mana, the youngest.

When he visits Hana , she talks to him about the link between wisdom and beauty of gray hair, and blames him for having black hair between the gray hair on his beard, claiming that the grayness of the hair represents wisdom and prestige but that ruined by his black hair and in order to please her, he lets her plucks the black hair from his beard,

And when it comes the time to visit his youngest partner, Mana, she begins to talk about his youth and criticizes him for having gray hair on his beard, claiming that it makes him looks older than his age while he was still young and in order to not disappoint her, he lets her plucks the gray hair from his beard.

Thus, with the time, he found himself without a beard..

And when people ask him what happened to his beard , he replied:

“Between Hana and Mana I lost my beard”

So what would you say now? My wife asked me after a burst of laughter.

“Between bills and overhead, our balance is almost dead” I replied


Fortunately, the issue has been resolved. I’m thrilled about the 1% raise we received to combat inflation.

As doctors, we shouldn’t let the inflation rate dictates our worth, right?


in Arabic this proverb rhymes nicely

It pronounced:

Bein Hana wa Mana, da’at Lahana